About Liepaja

About Liepaja


Liepāja is the 3rd largest city in Latvia and 10th largest one in the Baltic States. Approximately 72 000 people have chosen it as their home place.

The city is located on a stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the Liepāja Lake, which are connected by the Trade Canal.

The oldest electric tram line in the Baltic States’ territory curves through the city’s residential neighborhoods from north to south. It is also worth mentioning that this nature-friendly type  of public transportation in Latvia is only available in Liepāja and two other cities.

The sea with its widest sandy beach in the country, strolling, beautiful scenery and colorful sunsets – these are just a few of many magnets that attract locals, neighbors and guests from more distant lands located in Europe and around the world.

Liepāja is a destination city with high tourism added value. It provides high quality tourism services to diverse groups of travelers with different interests and needs, including people with special needs. In 2013 Liepāja won an international “EDEN” contest in the category of “accessible tourism” or tourism for people with disabilities, and was named the European Destination of Excellence in Latvia.

Liepāja also has rich cultural, artistic and sports traditions. Summers in Liepāja are usually filled with various events and festivals – starting from the massive “Summer Sound” beach party to the festival of speed “Rally Kurzeme”, when tens of thousands of guests are gathering in the city.

During the less sunny months of the year Liepāja’s vibrant cultural life does not stop brimming with life, because travelers and visitors can attend various exhibits, expositions, concerts and other creative activities. The true pearls of art are the internationally recognized performances of Liepāja Theatre and Liepāja Symphony orchestra. Magnificent and splendid interiors of centuries-old Liepāja’s churches and cathedrals are stunning to everyone who enters these colossal buildings. And the warm and cozy atmosphere in the local cafes and restaurants is capable to replenish the inner spirits of even the most tired of travelers.

In the city of Liepāja, the dream of a grand concert hall of its own has been alive for almost a century. Already at the end of the 19th century, in 1896, the City Council made a decision to start saving money for the construction of its concert hall. In 2015, this dream has finally been realized – the „Great Amber” has been built to become a regional centre of culture and events, as well as home to the Liepāja Symphony orchestra, Emils Melngailis Liepaja Music Secondary School and to the concert hall’s manager and creator of the programme - „Lielais Dzintars”, Ltd.

The concert hall „Great Amber” comprises eight stories of 14’126 m². It has three concert halls – the Great Hall with 1010 seats, the Chamber Hall with 200 seats and the Experimental Stage with 150 seats, in addition to public events spaces Civita Nova, a coffee shop and a restaurant.

The city’s educational community is represented within each of its levels, starting from nurseries and pre-schools up to strong vocational training and regional universities. Recent years have been marked with unprecedented municipal investments in the development of education and its quality, thus achieving a regional competitiveness level of Liepāja’s educational establishments.

Liepāja is one of the most industrialized Latvian cities with a well established infrastructure. Historically the most developed industrial spheres here are metalworking, textile industry, production of construction materials, food processing, shipbuilding, cargo transportation and handling and other sectors.

Major tasks ahead include the re-establishment of spa and health tourism industry in Liepāja. Vigorous efforts are taken in order to reinstate Liepāja’s status as a popular spa resort city.

You are welcome to dive into the atmosphere of Liepāja by enjoying its interactive full screen 360° panoramas available in our photo galleries!