Liepāja has been known not only for its industrial, port or military role. The greatest asset of Liepāja has always been its people – their unique achievements in culture, sports and social activities.

Liepāja is famous for its atmosphere that facilitates creativity in music and art. There are numerous songs, paintings and poems dedicated to this beautiful place near the sea. You can get an impression of these creations during the festivals organized in Liepāja every year.

Liepāja has always been a city inviting everyone to participate in its organized activities – in creation of art and music, in sports activities and in making decisions influencing everyday life. Amongst others, there are numerous active youth organizations and organizations representing people with special needs.

Liepāja is a city of diversities – associations representing different nationalities keep their traditions alive.

Of course, with the use of modern communications technologies, one can connect with people or read about us, but we advise you to come here and create your own personal experience and impressions!