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Liepāja offers a wide range of higher education programs. There are seven higher education establishments in Liepāja:
  • Liepāja University (teachers, social workers, philologists, designers, sociologists, business managers, computer specialists, tourism managers);

  • Liepāja branch of the Rīga Technical University (accountants, business managers, specialists in marketing, sales, insurance, human resources; bachelor degrees in economics, mechanics, construction and building, energetics and electrotechnics, electronics, computer controlled electrotechnics, computer studies, master degrees in quality control, business and management);

  • Liepāja branch of the Rīga Stradiņš University (nursing, physician assistance and midwifery);

  • Liepāja branch of the Baltic International Academy (law, business management and administration);

  • Liepāja branch of the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (commerce and company management, office management, psychology);

  • Liepāja branch of the College of Law (law);

  • Liepāja branch of the School of Business Administration “Turība” (law, finance and accounting, hotel management).

Vocational education programs are available at Vocational School No. 31 (professions in the sphere of construction) and Vocational School No. 48 (dressmakers, designers, cooks, salesmen, hotel staff, housekeepers). Other vocational and professional education programs are offered by the Maritime College (sea ship navigators, ship mechanics, stevedores), the School of Medicine (nurses, assistant medical staff), the Liepāja Design and Art College, the Emilis Melngailis Liepāja Music College.

Secondary education programs are available at 11 secondary schools. All secondary schools offer 2–4 education programs. The recent years have shown a tendency of increase in the number of pupils in the 10th grade. Every year around 80% of secondary school graduates continue their education at colleges.

Interest education for children and youth is available at 5 municipal institutions: Centre for Young Technicians, Liepāja Children’s and Youth Centre’s four structural divisions (“Vaduguns”, Youth House, “Spārni” and “Laumiņa”), Complex Sports School, Sports Games School (basketball, volleyball, track-and-field athletics), Tennis Sports School.

Contact information:
Liepāja City Council Education Department
Address: Uliha iela 36, LV-3401, Liepāja
Phone: +371 6 34 24534
Fax: +371 6 34 89170