Members of the Liepāja City Council, like elsewhere in Latvia, are elected by Latvian citizens and work according to Latvian legislation, taking into consideration the interests of the state and the inhabitants of Liepāja’s administrative territory.

City Council consists of 15 members elected once every four years during municipal elections. The Council selects the Chairman of the Municipality Council (also called City Mayor) from its members along with three Vice Chairmen (Deputy Mayors) which have fulltime offices. City Council also appoints the members of four standing committees, which prepare issues to be discussed during the Council meetings:
  • Finance Committee
  • City Development Committee
  • Committee on Social Affairs, Health Care and Public Order
  • Committee on Education, Culture and Sports

Since the last municipal elections (03.06.2017), the Chairman of the Liepaja City Council is Uldis Sesks  and the three Vice-Chairmen are Gunārs Ansiņš, Vice-chairman on development and cooperation, Atis Deksnis, Vice-chairman on education, culture and sport and Ģirts Kronbergs, Vice-chairman on investment and tourism.

The work of the city’s legislative body is supported by various executive institutions and departments of the Liepāja City Council. The city administration has a staff of 188 people who work in order to provide a full range of municipal services to the community. Two Small City Halls – branches of the city administration – have been opened in different city residential areas in order to bring municipal services closer to the people.

Liepāja City Council extends its activities and distributes information with the help of the Representative Office in Rīga, which also helps to facilitate co-operation with state institutions.

Contact information:
Nataļja Vecvagare
External Affairs Coordinator at the Liepāja City Council
Address: Rožu street 6, Liepāja, LV–3401
Phone: +371 63404789
E-mail: (Liepāja City Council’s Visitors centre)