Behold, feel,
fall into a reverie, fall in love

Have you heard that Liepāja is a city of sea and winds?
However, not everything is said by that.

Liepāja is an amber city. Yes, it is true, and for all that
Liepāja is also a health resort. And a harbour.

And a Capital of music in Latvia. Yes, that is true.
Still, you do not stop here, as Liepāja is something more!

Liepāja is a city under the linden! Even the air is something
special in here!
Go on, that’s not all!....

Come in! It is only then you will get a grasp of Liepāja.

See it yourself. Feel it yourself. Fall into a reverie. And fall in love.

Come in! And never let it go. Never let go Liepāja.